5 (Kind) Reminders for Overly Nosy Parents

Last night I sat next to my teenage son as he played video games. It did not take long before I was abruptly reminded that he and I may look like fellow humans but we are definitely from two very different planets. I also learned that there’s a possibility that at times I may (stress on ‘may’) be just a tad pesky in my efforts to keep him safe online.

I learned this as I listened to him talk to people online then casually asked a few questions. Who was he talking to? Where did they live? Before long he asked me politely to “chill on the questions” as he attempted to strategize his comeback as lead zombie killer on the Call of Duty battlefield.

“Mom, I’m not going to tell these people where I live or anything else personal while we are playing online,” he said, controller aimed, animated…

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