Have you Drilled the “3Ws” Into Your Kids’ Heads?

At least once a week I see an otherwise intelligent teenager posting online that he or she is “psyched” about getting some “me time” alone at home. Sometimes it’s a photo on Instagram or a seemingly harmless little tweet on Twitter that says: “me and my bestie are chillin’ at home alone. I love my life.”

While this kind of post can often be code among friends for “hey, let’s do something,” to a predator, it’s also invitation—one that can be both dangerous and even deadly. The case files are expanding with crimes that all began with a teen over sharing personal details on social media.

As much as you’ve warned your child about posting personal details, don’t be surprised when they forget or let things slide. So say it, again, and again. Their daily safety depends on it now and long after they’ve left the nest.

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