The Digital Detox – Is It Time?

With digital detoxes all the rage, a diet detox seems so last year. No longer are we talking about nasty shakes and supplements but instead how and when to turn off our devices.

Randi Zuckerberg former Facebook Marketing Director (and sister to Facebook’s famous founder) has recently identified the ‘Digital Detox’ as one of the top Social Media trends. She said that while people need to understand that “the phone is an amazing tool… we own our devices, they don’t own us.”

Very wise words.

But technology has crept into our lives and entrenched itself so heavily that it seems impossible to imagine life without an array of internet connected devices.

15 years ago nobody banked or bought their groceries online. We would never have dreamed of sharing our status update nor a picture of what we had for dinner with the entire world!! Now we are all doing it.…

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