The Silver Lining: How To Empower Your Child to Use Technology Responsibly

As digital immigrants we spend a lot of time trying to understand the dangers of technology. We make it our priority to keep our future generations—and inherent digital natives—safe. We tell them not to say anything online that they wouldn’t say in person, we delete inappropriate applications from their smartphones, and we work hard to educate ourselves and keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape. All of this is important work, and all of us here at McAfee have dedicated ourselves to the cause. However, it’s important when working with younger generations (who have a tendency to hear the word ‘no’ and think ‘yes’) to not only protect them from cyber dangers, but help them understand the exponential possibilities of technology. Allowing kids the freedom to explore the digital world safely so they can fully explore their potential as the generation that will lead us through—as our McAfee President …

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