Back to School Prep for Parents: Start With The 3 C’s

Since summer vacation is coming to an end, I am bracing myself for all the new things my two girls will be doing, plus the new activities and connections us parents add to our crazy lives these days.  As we pick out first day dresses and get our pencils sharpened, this is the perfect time for us to all plan to give our kids “The Talk,” you know, the one about the 3 C’s (cyber safety, security and ethics). 

Recently, I was so fortunate to attend McAfee’s pre-show event and Smurfs 2 premiere. Now, my job as Chief Privacy Officer certainly involves meeting very interesting people, but I have to say, attending a Smurfs premiere was an absolute first for me.  So here’s the really cool thing about the movie and how it fits in with the 3 C’s.  No spoilers from me, but I will tease you a bit by saying to look out…

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