5 Things Parents Should Stop Doing Online (Now)

It’s natural to talk with your children when you see them out in public. It’s a biological reaction to admire their talents, praise them publicly, and even wrangle their wayward behavior when it starts to stir.

Just don’t do it online.

Parents are wise online if they curb what comes naturally and consider exercising a new set of rules. (Note, the chosen word “curb” over the word “forget.”) This list only pertains to the parent that is determined to maintain a degree of communication (and influence) with their child online.

This list does not assume any degree of ease. In fact, it may go against every instinct you have as a parent, which may cause some emotional and even physical kicking and screaming to surface. But this is a new world, with new rules and frankly, we’ve got to grow with the technology (and its cultural demands) or go take…

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