Court: Being ‘Electronically Present’ Can Make You Liable

A recent ruling by the New Jersey Court of Appeals has sparked a nationwide debate over exactly who is liable when an accident is caused by a distracted driver.

According national reports, the court considered the claim of two victims who both lost their legs when a texting teen driver ran into their motorcycle. While they previously settled with the driver, the couple also sued the person texting the driver claiming that she with was ‘electronically present’ and thus, equally responsible for causing the accident.

While the specific suit was not upheld due to insufficient evidence, the judges agreed that remote texters could indeed be held liable for distracting someone they knew was driving.

We applaud the court. Not only did this case elevate the texting-and-driving epidemic to a new level, it also created spirited discussion and new law around how technology is shaping culture and the individual responsibility…

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