How Much Are Your Assets Worth?

Now, if your tax returns are up to date and you have a healthy relationship with a financial planner, I have no doubt you could answer this question in an instant.

But what about your other assets? And I am not referring to your children because clearly they are priceless – most of the time!!

I am talking about your digital assets – your music, your pictures, your online contacts and even your documents and files. How much are these things worth to you? What would they cost to replace?

Well, McAfee has recently released results of a survey which shows that the average Aussie values their digital assets at over $33,000!! That’s the price of an average home loan deposit.

The research shows that despite 47% of Aussies acknowledging that many of their digital assets are impossible to replace, many of us are still leaving our devices unprotected increasing…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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