5 Cyber Safety Lifehacks for Families (5 Minutes or Less)

Raising a child to be a digitally discerning adult—while trying to slay our own online dragons—seems to take more hours than many parents have in any given day.

That’s the beauty of Lifehacks—those lovely how-to shortcuts that seem to make most everything in our abbreviated, click-happy world seem, well, almost doable. And, yes—there’s even a few cyber security Lifehacks for those frazzled parents who need some safety shortcuts . . . sooner than later.

So here are 5 cyber safety Lifehacks for families that will take 5 minutes to complete:

Create a two-factor Facebook authentication. By establishing two levels of Facebook authentication—a Facebook code and a password—to log into Facebook, you (or your child) will be protected from anyone else logging into your account. Set this up by going to your Facebook account Settings > Security > Login Approvals. The code will be sent to either your phone via text…

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