Aussies More Privacy Savvy Than Ever

There is nothing like receiving a great report card. The pride I would feel was truly magic – even if it was only occasionally. Well, it appears as though Aussies should also feel very proud because our privacy report card is in and we are definitely improving!

Launched by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in conjunction with McAfee, The 2013 Community Attitudes to Privacy research report explores Aussies’ changing attitudes to privacy and reveals that we are placing more value on our privacy and digital footprint than ever before. Previously conducted in 2007, the research is a great way of seeing how our attitudes towards the use of our personal information have evolved.

Here are some of the highlights that provide a little insight into how we are dealing with our personal information online:

Almost all of us (97%) believe organisations are misusing our personal information if they collect…

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