10 Doable Resolutions to Boost Family Safety Online in 2014

Do we really need another list of resolutions staring us down as parents? We think not. So, we have decided to shake things up a bit with 10 digital resolutions, buffet style. Chances are if you pick just one or two of these resolutions and do them well, you will see some immediate and positive changes in your family’s digital habits.

While these suggestions will boost your family’s online safety if tackled as a whole, we are realists—a resolution is a lot more fun (and permanent) when it comes served up in bite size pieces. So go for it, parents; choose a few resolutions from this list and give it all you’ve got in 2014! We are right here cheering you on!

10 Realistic Resolutions for Parents in 2014:

Pump up your passwords (for real). You say you will change your passwords regularly but you rarely do so. Admit it—your passwords…

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