The Secret Tumblr Craze and What Parents Need to Know

Your kids have all but vanished from Facebook and their Instagram postings are becoming more and more sporadic. If this sounds familiar, chances are, they are posting to Tumblr, a micro-blogging platform that is a social cross between Twitter, Facebook, and a traditional blog.

It is easy to understand why Tumblr appeals to tweens and teens: A) Parents (for the most part) are not on it B) It’s easier to share media instantly than other platforms via its chunky icons and fun interface and C) Tumblr’s vibe is far more creative and artsy than most platforms, and highlights self-expression and humor exchanges at a whole new level.

Tumblr pages include content in bite-sized pieces that are fun and easy to update. And, because of its mobile app, it is often easy to use Tumblr between classes throughout the school day. Tumblr users create short blogs, or “tumblelogs” in the…

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