The New Covenant Eyes Blog: Subscribe to One or More of Our Categories

The New Covenant Eyes Blog: Subscribe to One or More of Our Categories
New Covenant Eyes Blog

It’s been 2,307 days since our first article. That’s more than 6 years worth of writing, over 1,800 posts, and more than 9,300 comments. Yay us.

Over the years our blog has grown in blob-like fashion. Each new article got stuck on to the ever-morphing blob. While we’ve tried to keep it organized, the time came for us to clean house to make things a little easier to find.

New Categories

We’ve shuffled everything into five new categories (not the 20 or so you might have seen before):

Defeat Lust & Pornography – Our biggest category, by far. Here you’ll find articles all about the battle both men and women have with pornography and lust. Some articles address the nature of the problem. Others address the solutions. Others cover both. We want to equip you with the teaching, tools, and techniques you need in order to overcome temptations.

Rebuild Your Marriage – These articles are written for married men and women who are looking for information about how pornography can harm a relationship and how to rebuild intimacy and trust in the wake of a pornography problem.

Protect Your Kids – These articles are written for parents about how to protect kids and teens online, how to prepare them to face our sexualized media culture, and how to prevent Internet-related issues in the home.

Help Others Restore Integrity – These articles are written for accountability partners, pastors, counselors, mentors, and “culture changers” (men and women who want to impact society). The plague of pornography impacts everyone in some way, and these articles are written to inform and equip those who are helping others in the fight.

Get Our Latest News – This category contains the news about our company, our services, product updates, and technology plans for the future.

New Ways to Subscribe

Do you want to receive updates from our blog in your inbox? Now there are many ways to subscribe. Do you only want to get updates from one category? You can do that. Do you still want to receive everything? You can do that, too. Do you want to subscribe to just two or three categories? Now, you can.

For new subscribers, visit any of the categories listed above and look for the “Subscribe” box to give us your e-mail.

For current subscribers, you can adjust your subscription preferences by going to any of our blog e-mails in your inbox, going to the bottom of the e-mail, clicking “email preferences,” and then choosing the categories of articles you want.

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