What Should the Consequences Be for a Teens’ Digital Slip-Up?

Usually the first question I get from panicked parents who just found something shocking on their child’s phone is, “what should the consequence be?” It’s also not unusual for them to want to take every piece of technology their child owns and throw it in an industrial-sized meat grinder.

But let’s hang on a minute and just breathe.

I too have been there. I’ve held my teen’s phone in my shaking hands with my heart racing and tears hitting my eyes faster than the air could hit my lungs and mumbled something to the affect of “how could this happen . . . my kid is a good kid.”

Which is where we must begin.

Your kid is still a great kid. If you discovered some racy photos or texts, or received a call from the school about digital misconduct involving your child, it doesn’t cancel out the million…

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