Facebook alternative to Snapchat, got some images to ‘Sling’?

By Wayne Denner


Today the good people at Facebook rolled out their ‘SnapChat’ rival/competitor. Now to get straight down to business. Unlike SnapChat, where users can send messages back and forth which have a timespan for how long they are available and of course they can’t be saved. Ahem.. Check out my earlier post on Snaphack – the idea behind Slingshot is a little different. At least in how it works.

Now the main difference with ‘SlingShot’ is that it is more of a mass broadcast to a group of friends. Unlike SnapChat’s aspect where users can be observers, SlingShot requires users to get involved. Now the clever developers at Facebook have come up with a creative way to encourage a 2 way approach to sharing of images. If you receive a ‘SlingShot’ from a friend you must first unlock it by – you guessed it -offering something in return. Sneaky I hear you say

As the App is a standalone you don’t actually need a Facebook account to use it. It just needs your phone number in order to sign up and start using it so you can send pictures to a single person or group. …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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