Stay Connected Safely When Using Free Wi-Fi in Airports, Malls, Public Areas

By Anindita Mishra

I am just back from my summer hols, and feeling absolutely refreshed! Holidays are so necessary to recharge you and give you the strength and mindset to face another year of slog and routine! More and more people are realizing this fact and making time to visit new places with family and friends. Everywhere I went there were a gaggle of tourists, enjoying the sights and sounds, clicking photos, chattering loudly and pouring over their phones/tabs to check if the picture came out well. This continued at airports too!!

As for me, I like to spend the time between security check and boarding making full use of the free Wifi at airports. I answer my mail, check my social media accounts and pen down memos to self. But what I do most is create photo albums to share later through Picasa.

I was amused to find that most people around me were doing the same. Adult and child alike seemed to be absorbed in their smartphones or tablets. While children were busy checking out videos and social media, adults seemed to be using to time to answer mails & complete pending jobs. I paid attention to what people around me were doing …read more

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