Take The Father’s Day Pledge

You may not be the boss at work.

You may not be a leader on your volunteer team at church.

You may have grown up never knowing what it’s like to be the captain of the football team or the guy people look to when they need answers.

In fact, you may have always been the guy that’s forever taking orders from someone else. And you know what? That’s ok.

But, if you are a Dad you are a leader (Tweet This!). Or, at least you should be. Your family is the most important unit of individuals you will ever have to lead and the way you lead will have a massive impact on them.

Somewhere along the line a lot of Dads have forgotten this. They work, they come home, they watch TV, and they let their wives take the lead in their household … especially when it comes to touchy subjects like sex.

They don’t talk to their kids about sex.

They don’t have those conversations with their sons about difficult topics like masturbation and porn.

They don’t take the lead in teaching their children what it means to be a sexually healthy and happy individual.

They just sit back and hope for …read more

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