What Is the Most Important Thing About Sex to Tell My Kids?

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[Editor’s Note: Today’s post is an excerpt from the new book Touchy Subjects: Talking to Your Kids About Sex, Tech, and Social Media in a Touchscreen World by Craig Gross and David Dean]

It is extremely difficult to narrow the topic of sex down to just one thing, because there are so many other things wrapped up in it. It isn’t just about physical expression—there are emotional, psychological, and even spiritual components to sex that can’t be covered in just one talk or boiled down to a single “most important thing.”

That said, if there is only one thing I want my kids to know, it would be this: sex is a great and wonderful creation of God (Tweet This!). It isn’t dirty, it isn’t wrong. It isn’t gross, it isn’t sick. It isn’t bad, disgusting, evil, or something to be avoided.

Sex is a gift.

The great thing about initiating these conversations with your kids is that it gives you the opportunity to frame sex in this way, where you discuss it as a marvelous gift that serves a specific, yet multi-faceted, purpose. Yes, sex perpetuates the human race by leading to children, but it also brings husbands and …read more

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