Are Your Kids Using Decoy Apps to Hide Photos, Videos?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if the dangers heading toward our kids had neon signs pointing to them? Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work and, more often than not, the dangers are camouflaged, sometimes intentionally.

While it’s normal for kids to have secrets, when you add technology to the mix, there might be hidden dangers to some secrets that kids just can’t anticipate at the time. With the consequences of sexting and cyberbullying making headlines every day, it’s more important than ever to understand the risks of keeping digital secrets.

Today we’re unlocking the risk of secret apps. Secret apps—often called vault, safe or decoy apps—are apps that your kids may be using to store private photos, videos, voice recordings, or text messages.

Many of these apps have legitimate uses such as storing passwords, scanning and storing legal documents, or locking away private, personal information or emails in the case a…

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