Erase stuff you create in 24 hours. Really?

By Wayne Denner


Now everyone on the planet is now getting the fact that everything we do online leaves a digital tattoo. And we don’t like it. Which is why developers are crazily launching transitory apps for the biggest market. Teens. Who want to express themselves but who also want privacy and control over where their message ends up.

It seems the quest to develop the ultimate App which offers users a sense of security on their content not coming back to haunt them, took a leap forward last month. (maybe ‘leap’ is too strong a term).

Say hello to Sobrr. This new App, one of the latest ephemeral apps, promises users that the content which they call ‘moments’ will be erased in 24 hours. Yip you heard it right. 24 hours.

Now despite its name and the concept’s birth being a result of a Hangover Stylee Stag night in Vegas; according to the apps founder Bruce Yang, this is not an app for when you’re drinking. Heaven Forbid. That might be seen as socially irresponsible.

Instead Bruce explains it’s more altruistic purpose. ‘Sobrr encourages users to go out and live in the moment’. He goes on to …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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