One in 4 Calls about Online Reputation

By Wayne Denner

It seems all my banging on about why we need to start Protecting Our Online Reputation and managing our Digital Tattoo is starting to have an impact.

According to research from the good people at UK Safer Internet Centre ¼ of cases reported are relating to people’s Online Reputation. In one year the IWF (Internet Web Foundation) reported 51,186 reports (with Helpline calls more than doubled from the previous year) one in 4 of which were related to Online Reputation.

Now the silver lining on this cloud is that awareness on the importance of our Online Reputation is increasing. People are starting to get concerned about their Online Reputation and are seeking information on how to go about protecting it. And this is Good News.

Now as you know, I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to young people, parents, practitioners and educators on how to enhance, protect and manage what is essentially our Digital Tattoo – yes Tattoo. Once you’ve got one it’s pretty impossible to remove without some sort of scar. Every time we update our Facebook status, comment on that picture, share that article, send that tweet or comment on that blog it’s all contributing towards …read more

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