That Time When My Sixth-Grader Asked Me About Flavored Condoms

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A few years ago, while all of our children were still pretty small, my wife and I made the decision to try to be as open as possible with our kids about the topic of sex whenever they were old enough to talk about it.

When my oldest finally reached the age to ask about where babies come from, he and I sat down and had an honest conversation about it. It would not be until my son reached junior high that I realized just how comfortable we’d made him feel about talking to us about anything. 

We discovered this while driving to baseball practice, when my son, who was in 6th grade at the time, piped up from the back seat.


”Yes, son?“

Dad, why do they make flavored condoms?

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Upon this question, my wife covered her mouth to stifle a laugh and shot me a look that said, You’re on your own for this one, buddy.

Dad? Dad? Are you okay?

Yeah, I hear you son.”

Around this time, my son had recently completed a sex-ed class at school; the administration had helpfully provided the parents with the entire curriculum ahead of time, and though my wife and I …read more

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