The Golden Rule Of The Internet- Tips To Help You Train Your Kids To Become Good Netizens

By Anindita Mishra

There are rules and then there are rules for kids. A set of rules for school, another defined set at games, and a complete set of unwritten rules at home. But there is one field that our kids traverse almost daily, spending hours there at their own free will, mostly unsupervised—the cyber world. Yet few of us know or practice rules that guide online behavior. But then it’s not really our fault for we ourselves are so new to it! We are what are called digital immigrants- new to the cyber world, newly discovering the immense potential, and also the threats, of the Internet. So we are not really knowledgeable enough to guide our kids or set rules for them.

So does that mean we raise our hands in desperation, and let our children find their own way on the net? Let them fare blindly without knowing how to behave, communicate and conduct oneself online, and thus make errors, get into trouble, and be misunderstood?

There is a simple solution. Extend your life skill lessons and values that you impart to your kids to cover the virtual world too. Though kids today are very impudent, believing they know everything that there is …read more

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