7 Creative Ways to Get Your Teen Talking

By Toni Birdsong



Do you recognize that notorious bit of prose? It’s the six-word vocabulary list teens have conspired to use exclusively when talking to their parents. Add a mobile phone to that equation and that six-word list is reduced to a muffled “uh huh” . . . and that’s on a talkative day.

That generalization is in no way meant as a jab to our awesome teens. They didn’t cause the word draught and they often don’t have the tools to fix it. As new relationships, interests, and behaviors emerge and teens begin to embrace their independence, common ground with a parent gets harder to come by. Suddenly, the typical 20-plus year gap between parent and child can feel like a century or two. (C’mon parent, who wants to talk to a guy who lectures you like Thomas Jefferson when you can Snapchat that cute guy from science class? #OMG!)

Just don’t beat yourself up about the gap or the lack of words to fill it. I am a writer with a journalism background. I’ve interviewed hundreds of zip-lipped people over the years and still found ways to get a rock to talk. However, when it comes to extracting information from my teens, I …read more

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