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It was 90° in Nashville and we were late. Sweat jumped off of us as we ran through the parking lot toward the arena gate. A roar rippled across the sky when 50,000+ screaming teenage girls jumped to their feet as the warm up band took the stage.

“It’s the first song mom, c’mon! Run faster! We can’t miss the first song! We can’t!” my daughter looked back and screamed as if we were running through Jurassic Park and about to get picked off by a Pterodactyl.

This wasn’t just any concert. It was the heart-melting UK boy band One Direction opened by the equally scream-inducing band Five Seconds of Summer. We purchased tickets for this show nine months earlier and my daughter had a countdown app on her phone that ticked off the days (270 days of them) until we’d be standing in this very spot.

Then it hit me: I had left…

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