13 and not on Facebook? What’s wrong?

As a mother of four, the details of my children’s early years and developmental achievements are sometimes a blur. But the one thing that I will never forget is the ‘milestone’ conversations (aka the how advanced is your child conversation) that always took up far too much time and emotional energy.

“Has he smiled yet?”

“How old was he when he sat up?”

“When did he start crawling?

“Is he walking yet?”

“How many words has he said?”

Oh my! It was soooo exhausting! Now I am not suggesting that my friends’ interest in my children’s development wasn’t genuine, but come on – let them be kids!!

13 years down the track and these babies are now ‘legally’ able to join Facebook. But what if they don’t want to? Surely, that is not normal? Aren’t all tweens desperate to join the big wide world of social media?

Not at all.…

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