5 Family Tech Headlines You May Have Missed

By Toni Birdsong


There’s a lot to be said for parents who draw immovable digital lines for their kids. Recently some moms made headlines doing just that then engineering the consequences when their kids stepped outside those lines. Here are just a few recent family tech and safety news headlines you need to know about.

Bravo: ‘Ignore No More’ App

Sharon Standifird is one mom who will not be snubbed and because of that, parents everywhere have reason to applaud. Fed up with her kids Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 4.34.33 PMignoring her phone calls, she created the app “Ignore No More” (IGN). IGN is an Android app that locks a child’s phone if they don’t return a call or text from a parent. Once the app is installed, parents can lock their child’s phone by tapping their child’s name and entering a four-digit code. The phone can only be unlocked with a code the child has to call their parents and ask for (bravo, mom!). In case of a true emergency, the app has a first responders default (ICE enabled) kids can call if the phone is locked. On behalf of all parents everywhere, thank you Sharon! Currently the app …read more

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