Digital Dares: Dumb Kids with Smart Phones

Do you remember the guy or girl in high school who always took things just a little too far? If there was a snowball fight, he was the one launching rockets that sent someone to the hospital. If a harmless prank was underway, he was the one who managed to elevate it to criminal charges.

While technology has certainly improved our world in amazing ways, it has yet to offer an app that curbs human stupidity. There are still showoffs, daredevils, and jokesters that go too far—only now they have smart phones, which creates a whole new threat level for others.

A quick search of YouTube, Instagram/Vine, or Google with the hashtag #challenge or #challengegonewrong and you will soon find teens (and adults) filming dangerous games that sometimes go terribly wrong. (Just don’t click too many videos or you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with explicit language and varying amounts of…

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