Five Things I Want the Christian Woman to Know…

By Hysen Sisco


By Rachel Rains, blogger: A Meaningful Journey

1) The question is not IF your teen has seen pornography but “How much and what kind?” The sad, sobering TRUTH is…

  • 90% of teenagers have viewed porn.
  • Nearly 80% of unwanted exposure to pornography is taking place in the home with the 
average age being 11.
  • 37% of ALL internet content is pornographic.

In March of 2014, the World Wide Web turned 25 years old. Think about it? Since the birth of the web 25 years ago, a pornography consumer no longer has to suffer the humiliation of physically going to a brick-and-mortar establishment to make his or her purchase from a real-live human being. Due to the Net, he or she now has access to pornography 24/7 in the privacy of their homes for FREE.

We are living in the midst of an unprecedented uptick of more shocking and hardcore pornographic material being produced and consumed than EVER before. And society is only beginning to experience the devastating repercussions of the porn addict’s unchecked, decades’ old, free access to his or her drug of choice. Just like a six-pack can no longer satisfy a drunk, your father’s pornography can no longer satisfy today’s porn addict.

“Pornography is …read more

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