Privacy? Who Cares!

By Raj Samani

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Don’t expect privacy in 2025, but that’s okay because the refrigerator will be able to order milk automatically for us. That’s the general view of respondents of the recent Consumer 2025 Futurist study commissioned by McAfee and conducted by MSI Research.

Respondents globally are unanimous regarding the connected appliances we expect to use, demonstrated in Figure 1 which illustrates the likelihood of a connected refrigerator. With only a small exception of Dutch citizens and those in Japan, the overwhelming majority of consumers see the benefit technology can bring to their everyday lives.

Figure 1: Percentage of respondents that expect to own a refrigerator that will automatically order food in 2025

To make things even easier we fully expect to have our products delivered within the hour (see figure 2) and for some of us we expect to see drones filling up the sky! Of course we will still need to pay for these devices and for the majority of respondents still expect that debit/credit cards will be used. However these will be the least likely method of payment. In 2025 consumers are expecting the majority of payments to be made either via their fingerprint, …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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