We are Winning the Battle Against Sexual Exploitation

By Hysen Sisco


With the American landscape awash in porn, strip clubs, and television indecency, have you ever wondered when we would hit rock bottom? I have – in fact I think of it day after day and it motivates me to work hard day and night as Morality in Media’s president and CEO.

I think we’ve reached the bottom and we are bouncing back now!

I recently read an article from a leader in the porn industry warning pornographers that the tide has turned against them.

The author said “The industry is seeing attacks coming from multiple fronts — not only government representatives and regulators, but also from financial institutions and online corporate giants (Google) that were once only too happy to be doing business with the industry…”

He mentions us, Morality in Media, specifically and says the difference now is that more and more people are actually listening to us and that even the media is taking this issue much more seriously.

Then he even quotes from our material, explaining what many are coming to think about pornography: “Porn has recently been portrayed in the media as a ‘public health crisis in the US’ that is destroying relationships, the family, causing people to leave the …read more

Read the full article here: http://pornharms.com/winning-battle-sexual-exploitation/

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