Handouts: 27th WRAP Week

By Hysen Sisco

October 27-November 1, 2014 marks the 27th Annual White Ribbon Against Pornography Week.

The purpose of WRAP Week is to educate about the harms of pornography. People all around the country will be participating in a variety of ways to include handing out or wearing white ribbons to bring awareness. Some will hold demonstrations or community events while others will hold counseling groups for porn addicts or go about their day wearing ribbons, responding to inquiries from others.

Throughout the week, Morality in Media will host daily online events from leaders in the anti-pornography movement.

WRAP Week started in 1987 in Butler, PA by Norma Norris. After hearing a sermon warning against the rise of pornography in the community and its harms, Norris took to the streets to increase awareness. In order to allow participation by the maximum amount of people, a simple white ribbon, to symbolize purity of mind and heart, was used.

Here are handouts with information on the various harms of pornography (in PDF format):


Harms to Children

Links to Sex Trafficking

Marriage and Family

Links between Child Porn and Pornography


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