Is Your Teen Using Mobile Banking Facility

By Anindita Mishra

Mobile banking is the new age smartphone revolution. While the computer and laptop brought the bank to our homes, the smartphone made it possible for us to take our bank along, wherever we go. So convenient it is that the global populace is rapidly opting for this method of banking.

Though mobilebanking is not strictly an issue that is related to parenting tweens and teens, it is nevertheless important for both parents and children to know its pros and cons. I realized this first hand when my son joined college. He was instructed to install a mobilebanking app on his phone to enable him to pay fees, hostel bills etc. I had to give him a rapid course on mobile banking safety. This brought to my mind the large number of children leaving home at 16 to pursue higher studies. These kids will be on their own for perhaps the very first time in their lives, managing their finances along with their academics. They will be aware of mobile banking but may not be fully cognizant of all the precautions to take. And it will be the parents’ duty to teach them that.

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