2014 Highlights: “Defending Dignity”

By Hysen Sisco


“Defending Dignity.” That’s what we do and it is also the name of our new and exciting newsletter. Click here to read the first edition and catch up on what we’ve done this year.

Please take time to read this publication and see why we are so excited—there is one success after another recounted. And we are expanding this movement against sexual exploitation every day.

We are growing fast and because of that, the movement is becoming mighty!

I thank you for trusting us and for joining us in this fight. I can’t tell you often enough, “THANK YOU!”

As the year comes to a close, we are in urgent need of refilling our coffers for the fight. I hope you know that every time you give a contribution your donation is put right into the battle. Please consider giving us and this movement a tax-deductible donation to defend dignity.

With your help in so many ways, we will keep fighting aggressively! I promise.

MIM_Pic_PatHeadshot_FINALMerry Christmas!

Patrick A. Trueman
President & CEO, Morality in Media and PornHarms.com

Donations can also be mailed to
Morality in Media
1100 G Street NW #1030
Washington, DC 20005

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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