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We have had an incredible year, with monumental victories. We have instigated major changes in both government and corporate policies to better curb sexual exploitation and stop the promotion of pornography. However the following account that I just heard last week is a victory that keeps me pumped up to do more and not give up.

As you know, we direct a coalition of now 280+ national and local organizations. Our goal over the last few years has been to build a movement and to unite the efforts of good men and women around the world. This is a lot of work! It is especially hard because we are bringing together liberals and conservatives, Atheists and Christians, feminists and pro-family groups and the list of differences goes on. Earlier this year, we hosted the very successful first annual Summit of leaders in Washington, DC. The goal was to bring together this broad coalition to foster trust, collaboration, improved networking and critical training. We are hearing of success after success and can see that there is truly a movement now that many of these leaders know about each other and are working together.

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