Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Commercial Encourages Sexual Exploitation

By Hysen Sisco

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By Sarah Purple, NCSE Intern

As sexual exploitation becomes more and more mainstream, it has even become a part of one of America’s favorite pastimes – the Super Bowl. In the past, both commercials and halftime shows have become more and more sexualized (I’m sure we all remember the Janet Jackson incident). This year’s game, occurring this Sunday, February 1, will feature a particularly pornographic ad for Carl’s Jr., a fast food burger joint which also happens to be on National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Dirty Dozen List under CKE Restaurants for its sexually exploitative ads in the past. But should families really be forced to watch soft porn during the Super Bowl?

The commercial, which may only be shown on the West Coast, features model Charlotte McKinney going “au naturel” while walking through a farmer’s market, with strategically placed items covering up her more private areas. To be fair though, hardly anything is kept private in this racy ad. At one point, a tomato covering her buttocks from the camera’s view is not so subtly pinched, suggesting the desires of all the men stopping to gawk at her. Another clip shows two melons on a scale as a stand-in for her …read more

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