Colleges Now Offering Pornography Courses

By Hysen Sisco

Would you willingly donate money to an organization that promoted sexual exploitation and violence towards women? Across the globe, some universities are beginning to offer courses on pornography and entire weeks dedicated to sex workshops. Now that mainstream pornography contains violent themes, this means that the tuition at these universities is tied to the promotion of sexual exploitation and violence.

Because pornography is present in today’s society, many universities think that’s enough reason to expose their students to it. UCLA offers a course called “Pornography and Evolution,” which delves into the explanation of why porn exists and how it embraces evolutionary theory in the social sciences. At the University of Wolverhampton, explicit video clips of pornographic films were shown in class by multiple professors. Showing porn in the classroom oversteps the line; this is when students become victims of porn and when universities declare their approval of sexual exploitation and violence.

While it is important to be aware of pornography and its effects on society there is a fine line between becoming educated on the effects of pornography and offering pornographic exposure to students. In most health courses, students are taught about various diseases and addictions; however, you do …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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