10 Ways Your Family Can Get Contagious About Kindness This Week

Rain drops the size of poker chips belly flopped onto my windshield. Great. People around here can’t drive in the rain. Now I’m really going to be late.

The coffee drive-thru line was far too long for a Wednesday, which immediately got me wondering why so many humans drank coffee at all. I caught a glance of myself in the rear-view mirror. Yup. The line across my forehead was still bright red, making me wonder why humans curled their hair at all.

Just then, a way-too-chipper voice interrupted my brilliant train of thought. “Good morning! Here’s your Venti Americano!”

I managed a half-smile and handed her my debit card to which she happily replied, “Not today. The car in front of you covered it.”

My face lit up as I watched the back bumper of a car I didn’t recognize disappear around the corner. Immediately I handed the card back…

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