February 2015 #DigiKidsChat Recap – Looking Both Ways Before Crossing the Digital Highway

Most people can agree that it is up to parents and teachers to help keep children safe. While the majority of adults know to hold a child’s hand as he or she crosses the street, some often overlook the safety measures needed to cross the digital “highway”, which is just as important!

It’s for this reason that we teamed up with Discovery Education and the National Cyber Security Alliance to host the first #DigiKidsChat last week. Through this effort we had the chance to engage with parents, educators, and cybersecurity experts in a timely discussion around how we can all work together to promote digital safety for children.

What are the biggest cybersecurity dangers facing children today?

We kicked off the chat by asking a very basic, but very important question: what exactly are the dangers that kids face online? There was a resounding agreement that children in today’s digital…

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