Location Apps: Who’s Tracking Your Kids?


Photo: Find My Friends App

Last week we talked about the dangers that can arise with apps that allow anonymous users to interact. Equally concerning is the growing popularity of location tracking apps among teens. Designed to help moms keep track of kids, these apps serve a great purpose. However, they can be misused by teens looking for nearby friends if privacy settings aren’t locked down.

Find My FriendsConnect

These apps differ from social networks—such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook—which also have geo-location features built into them that take a few extra clicks to get to. Location tracking apps are designed specifically to locate users with precision—down to their street address, avatar, and time stamps. Which frankly, is pretty frightening if an app is being misused (see photo, above).


Such apps include: Find My Friends, Glympse, In the Room, Connect, Nearify, My Location, Location Tracker, Locate My Friends, Who’s Here, and the list goes on. Several of those icons are to…

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