Keep Your Devices Protected- Regularly Renew Your Security Software-Part I

“My security software tells me that the antivirus solution is about to expire. My son says we need not renew it if we are careful about our online activities. Or he can download a free antivirus. What do you think?” That’s Reena for you (if you are still not acquainted with her), she is the lady with a hundred-words-per-breath claim to fame (from my recent blogs)!

I turned to talk to her tech-savvy son but he was a picture of misery, all snivelling, shivering and achy.

“Veer has caught the flu virus. I don’t know how that happened and just before his final exams too,” whined Reena.

I grabbed the chance. “Your Internet-enabled devices too can get infected with viruses, you know.  Despite all your precautions, one small carelessness can lead to malware entering the system and corrupting it.”

This got Reena worried. “We keep discussing terms like malware, hacks,…

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