What’s Right About Your Kids’ Digital Life Might Surprise You


Every now and then I like to take a break from setting my hair on fire to alert parents to digital danger zones and focus on what’s right about our kids’ screen time.

Because the good stuff is  there. I see it every day thanks to my own kids. Things like having a friend just a click away when they need to talk, vent, laugh, or feel less alone. I see them thinking carefully about their words, counseling a hurting friend via Facetime, and using their individual strengths online in ways I could easily have missed were I not paying attention.

I see them growing up and growing wiser to the ways of this wired culture. At times, the speed at which they assess another person’s intention within the context of a single post amazes me. Their increasing ability to find and follow their true north (without my interference) encourages me.…

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