7 Things to Look for on Your Teen’s Instagram

Over 300 million users post an average of 70 million photos and hit the like button 2.5 billion times a day on Instagram. That’s a lot of ‘grammin’ goin’ on. It’s easy as the mom of a teenager to give this beautiful social hub a smiling, compliant nod. After all, the photo-based social network is fun to use, browse through, and for the most part, to monitor kids on.

However, with Instagram’s influence skyrocketing among tweens and teens, the potential physical and emotional danger zones for teens specifically are also becoming more and more blatant.

Here’s a brief overview of what to look for on your child’s Instagram:

Perfection overload. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is the more sophisticated network where content is more curated by the user. Much like managing their personal brand, users post less frequently and use the app’s photo filters to ensure they share only…

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