Speaking to THE FUTURE

On Sunday June 7th, Women of AT&T hosted G.I.F.T. – Girls in Future Technology day.  It was an amazing all-day hands-on learning and networking experience for young women organized by Christine Kingsley, Michelle Hemenway both of AT&T, Brenda Gabel of the Girl Scouts, and others.  And impossible without the 29 volunteers listed on the program.

I had the opportunity and privilege to address the 100+ girls mid-afternoon.  I mixed both Self Worth and online safety in my talk.  My best line of the day was “I have 30 minutes and 27 slides.  But my slides are on fleek.  So let’s go!”  The whole room – at least the teens – erupted in laughter.  Parent of teens and don’t know what I just said? Go here.

Speaking before me were amazing Tech Leaders such as Laura Merling and Robin McGillivray as well as ROBLOX Gaming.  After me was an brilliant panel…

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