First case of Cyber-flashing reported

By Wayne Denner


Whilst police have dealt with similar cases of indecent images sent via Bluetooth, their first ‘cyber flashing’ case was reported just this month. According to the BBC website, Lorraine Crighton-Smith said someone she doesn’t know sent her two photos of a penis while she was travelling to work on the train in South London.

Crighton-Smith (34) said ‘I had Airdrop switched on because I had been using it previously to send photos to another iPhone user – and a picture appeared on the screen of a man’s penis’.

She declined the image she called ‘distressing’ and reported it to the Police, who said it was new to them but urged others to report any incidents of this nature.

Crighton-Smith told the BBC she was ‘worried about who else might have been a recipient, it might have been a child, somebody more vulnerable than me.’

The image was declined in this case as there was no evidence but Police advised the public to keep images and report them, warning that this type of crime would be difficult to get away with as ‘offenders will leave a digital footprint’.

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