Parents: How Much Snooping is Too Much Snooping Online?

By Toni Birdsong


My road as a parent of two digital natives (now ages 15 and 20) has been winding, rewarding, and even harrowing at times. I began writing this blog three years ago, which in the digital world translates to approximately a decade. Technology changes quickly. Culture shape shifts and perspectives try to keep up. Our kids change too.

Three years ago when my kids were younger (12 and 17) and the Internet alleys appeared more precarious, I used to pride myself on being “that” mom. I knew what my kids were doing online at all times. Their personal privacy became the sacrificial lamb in the name of their safety. Looking back, I can see where I was too strict (and nosey) in some areas and where I was a bit too lax in others.

Constant calibration

Parenting today requires intentional calibration almost weekly based on new information and the ebb and flow the relationship you have with your child. Being present and engaged in your family’s online safety isn’t for the faint of heart, in fact, it’s a chore. My home has been the picture of serenity when the scales of monitoring is balanced with responsibility and it’s been a battle zone when …read more

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