What Do Your Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up?

By Cybermum Australia

When I was 8, I was completely obsessed with being an air hostess ‘when I grew up.’ The thought of travelling the world while looking glamorous just struck a chord with me! But fast forward 30 something years and our kids aren’t thinking flying – they’re thinking tech!

New research by Intel Security shows that a large percentage of our offspring are keen to pursue a career in the digital world. In fact 43% of tweens and teens are interested in pursuing it as a career while 46% are keen to learn to program or write code (developing and writing software) for new apps or websites. Parents are also developing an appreciation for the employability of tech skills with one in three interviewed hopeful that learning how to program and code will help their children with future employment.

Now in its fourth year, Intel Security’s Teens, Tweens & Technology research provides a gauge on the behaviour and opinions of young Australians and their online lives. This year, the research was extended to include parental options as well as our Aussie teens’ thoughts and aspirations for future digital higher education and potential employment avenues.

One of the most interesting aspects to the …read more

Read the full article here: https://blogs.mcafee.com/consumer/what-do-your-kids-want-to-be-when-they-grow-up/

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