What Families Can Learn from the #HisNameIsCayden Hashtag

By Toni Birdsong


A recent Facebook post that went viral cost an Atlanta man his job and opened an important conversation for families around individual responsibility online.

Gerod Roth, a white man, was fired after he posted a picture of himself with his co-worker’s four-year-old African American son to his personal Facebook page. In response, Roth’s Facebook friends began posting a string of derogatory, racially charged comments beneath the photo. See the full news video here.

That cruel, bullying digital exchange went viral. The fallout cost Roth his job (and reputation for the moment) and the child’s family obvious heartache.

Roth’s social wreckage is an acute reminder that we are all publishers — young or old, child or adult. And, as publishers, that makes each of us responsible for even the associated content that lives on our pages, in our feeds, and on our websites.

Roth later apologized and claimed he tried to intervene and end the offensive string, but that portion of the conversation wasn’t captured in the viral screenshots.

Still, the fact remains: As the owner of the Facebook page rather than try to temper the conversation he could have quickly deleted any offensive comments. But he didn’t.

There is an upside to this disturbing story. …read more

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