25 Quotes on Family, Parenting, and Giving Thanks

By Toni Birdsong


There’s a Pinterest-perfect, framed chalkboard that hangs in my kitchen titled “Eats” followed methodically by the days of the week. For three weeks, I carefully planned and prepared each day’s meals meeting my daily promises of chili, turkey and pesto paninis, homemade pizza, tacos, and so on.

It was impressive. Until it wasn’t. Soon, my friends went from commenting about my so-together menu as, “How cool! I should do that!” to “Hey, didn’t haven’t you guys had chicken enchiladas three Thursdays in a row now?”

Busted. Turns out, my best intentions have zero stamina. Family life changes because life changes. But rather than take my little menu of hopes and dreams down, I leave it up and let the never-to-be-consumed beef enchiladas remind me that I’m not a perfect parent, but I’m a good and loving parent, which is just fine.

Putting family first can look different in every season — or even every week — of life. Sometimes putting family first is staying home to raise your kids. Other times, it’s going back to work or even working two jobs to keep your family on track. Sometimes it’s binging on Disney movies all weekend, other times, it’s focusing on outdoor fun and …read more

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