3 Mental Shifts That Will Make You a Happier Mom

You can change the way you think. You can change the way you view your life. Here are three mental shifts that can make you a happier mom right now:

Mental Shift #1: Focus your energy

In this day of social media, moms can get so fractured and sidetracked by the hundreds of thousands of expectations pinned on Pinterest and shared on Instagram or Facebook. Step back from the device! Look at yourself and your kids and choose just a few family activities you can and want to do to. Then repeat these few things. Kids love traditions!

I remember reading a story about a busy mom who had a job outside of the home. Every Thursday evening she came home and baked her kids’ favorite chocolate caramel cake. Same cake every Thursday. And her kids looked forward to it every week.

Recently I read the New York Times bestseller…

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